Good I don’t feel crazy

right now.

 lol gpoy
urggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh I MISS EDINBURGH

deffo just cried in the middle of campus

soz but when you’re dawdling along thinking about the ruins of your relationship, the last person you want to see is your ex.

so so awkward.


working on it


day 11 - your family.

this is my family, more or less.

day 10 - put my ipod on shuffle blahblahblah why do i never do this on the right day?

  1. staple it together - jack johnson.
  2. be my yoko ono - barenaked ladies.
  3. eleanor put your boots on - franz ferdinand.
  4. viva la white girl - gym class heroes.
  5. lovely rita - the beatles.
  6. hold me, thrill me, kiss me - mel carter.
  7. the climb - miley cyrus YAS.
  8. many of horror - biffy clyro.
  9. the fame - lady gaga.
  10. when will i see you again - erasure.

oh god.