This doctor is performing an abortion. The baby that is supposed to be terminated just grabbed the doctors finger. 

omg i’m not like against abortions or anything but ansfjsfksfsmf </3

Isn’t this from House or something?

 It is indeed from house. FAIL

it’s not an abortion either, in the story it’s based on there was a problem with the womans uterus and the placenta and they were operating to save the baby. 

I will never get over how stupid people are..
also pro-life people annoy me

i don’t give a fuck if you’re pro-life or whatever, but you have to be a complete fucking idiot to think that abortions are routinely performed as a c-section. how likely is it that they perform abortions on a still living baby? what do you think they do, just leave the child somewhere till it dies painfully from the fact it isn’t capable of independant life? please stop being so ignorant. your attempts to guilt trip & scare those who have to make such a choice by using these tactics is disgusting.

tv show quizzzzz.

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this is adorable
never put clothes on. ever.
LOL i miss that wee girl meme